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DSL is an optional service. Verizon has no obligation to offer DSL to you, nor to continue to offer it to you once you have it. I'd be very surprised if it didn't say that in their T&C's for their DSL service.

If Verizon decides they don't want the maintenance headache and expense with copper, and want to eliminate the risk that they might be forced to lease it to a competitor CLEC, it's understandable they'd want to eliminate the copper where they can.


As a businessman, I have no problem with what PDX-PLT just said.

I'm just saying that Verizon needs to have clear, conspicuous, complete, and comprehendable disclosure about "no turning back", since their "30 day money back guarantee" implies that their DSL customers have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

See my latest post on this:


That 4/5/06 FiOS post of mine is at:


Hi Bill,

I'm writing something about this and would love to chat with you about your experiences dealing with the subject. Please feel free to email me - email address is in my profile data. Thanks!

RESPONSE = Your TypeKey Profile had no e-mail address in it? Can you be more specific as to what kind of writing you are doing on FiOS and where it will be published.


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