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I just purchased a 2001 LS430, a great car, however both myself and my wife have already had the experiance of the trunk lid coming down on our heads. Not fun! Who do you suggest to contact at Lexus to register another complaint about this?


Michael, you are the third LS 430 customer to tell me they are getting hit in the head by an LS 430's trunk lid. Matthew Manning (on 2/22/07) in Edmunds Chat Room Post #8056 agreed, and "cneuman" (on 2/23/07) in Post # 8058 said: "I have a 2002 LS and also experienced the trunk lid falling on my head. About a month ago I had the struts replaced under my extended warranty, so far I have noticed a definite marked improvement. Of course a month is not a long time, so the jury is still out."

In fact, Matthew also said: "If you are experiencing the same problem w/the trunk struts/shocks, I want to encourage others to respond to the message posted by "slexy1" (Msg. #8044)or this message (#8056), to voice your concerns to your local Lexus dealer, and finally to contact Lexus by the 800 number for customer care.
Maybe we can get some positive responses if we all complain together."
See: link

I suggest you call 1-800-255-3987 after you have contacted your local dealer's service mgr. to see if they will replace the struts at no charge to you. Get the "District Operations Mgr." at Lexus Corporate involved if you have to. If you get no satisfaction, then here is what I did.

Since the NHTSA web site also had complaint # 10178801 from JB about a trunk strut injury problem, here is what I did to try to help all LS 430 owners (even those "out of warranty", as I am) with this problem. I filed an online complaint with the NHTSA:
See: link

Then I filed a complaint against Lexus National HQ with the California Online BBB ("File Complaint" link is at the bottom of the right hand column) at:
See: link

Good Luck, with getting your (and other's) safety problem fixed. Lexus is too good an automobile manufacturer to let this go on.


It is now March 2010, three years on. Has there been any resolution to this issue? I, too, have a 2001 Lexus 430 and have experienced the same trunk lid strut failures for some time.


Raputtak, I really don't know if anyhing official has been resolved.

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