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What you're going through is the same as other new home buyers.. the builders don't give a rats a$$. We were in our house a year before things were addressed and we are still waiting for the walls to be finished both sanding and painting. They came 2 months ago and haven't been back.

Thankfully they did the majority of the work on our 7 page list.. a lot minor but in every room; but as I said, there is still stuff needing to be done. It could be worst, we could be in our neighbors shoes where they have lived here for 2-3 years and are still waiting for their 1 year.

We have been calling, faxing & emailing since we moved in.

I would watch what I say about the builder because it might come back and bite you when you try to sell if you need to. Once we move out is when I will write reviews on our builder.


Momerator, I'm sorry to hear that some of your first year warranty issues have not been resolved yet. I agree that this kind of customer aggrivation, stress, and time wasting can be an industry wide situation, and not limited to any one builder. I appreciate your warning about watching what I say. But, we don't intend to sell our house, and our's had many more problems (all resolved right now) than our neighbors (100 + vs. about 25). The fear of having a "hard to sell home", I believe, prevents some (maybe many?) tract home buyers from bringing their builder to the "court of public opinion" on the Internet. But, things are changing along those lines, as Internet usage increases, and people realize that "Internet transparancy" of all legitimate buyer complaints is the best way to help future buyers, and even the long term thinking ethical sellers.

Also, as long as you get all of your warranty issues resolved, why would any buyer hesitate to buy? In fact, as a former Real Estate broker, I know that many buyers were looking for a 2 to 5 year old house, because they knew all of the initial customer complaints, and "hidden problems", should be taken care of by then, as confirmed by a professional "home inspector".

If you read "My Last Ryland Homes Blog Post & My Attempt To Help Ryland Homes!" at = http://bit.ly/LddNE , you will see how I now feel about the entire experience. In short, I have forgiven my builder, and I want to help them and the entire tract home building industry.

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